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The More Important Stuff

One Formula To Rule Them All: The ROI Of A Design System
Smashing Magazine • w/ Guidobw • 09/22

Listen to users, but only 85% of the time: How Black Swans Can Save Innovation in a Data-Driven World
UX Collective • 08/22

We need to get rid of significance in A/B testing, seriously!
ACM interactions • 03/22

Conversion rate & average order value are not UX metrics
UX Collective • 01/22

Creating Medium-Fidelity Prototypes for AR/VR Experiences
Geek Culture • 11/21

KPI-centered design
UX Collective • 03/21

What is Mixed Reality? (from the 2019 ACM CHI Conference)
AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine • 01/20

How usability impacts profit: The Conversion/Usability Framework
UX Collective • 10/17

On Design Thinking • 09/16

What is ›Usability‹?
Chemnitz University of Technology • Technical Report • 10/14



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Maximilian Speicher

Maximilian Speicher

Director of Product Design • Doctor of Computer Science • formerly University of Michigan School of Information